Beautiful Tenerife

Written by Ava

Selecting the perfect locale for your holiday escapades can often feel like a jigsaw puzzle. Perhaps you’ve found yourself pouring over countless webpages, in search of that idyllic spot offering both exhilarating adventures and moments of serene relaxation? I too have experienced that all-too-familiar dance of toggling between tabs, endeavouring to align my holiday dreams with an ideal destination.

It’s quite the conundrum when you’re yearning for a place that promises equal parts excitement and tranquillity. Allow me to share an intriguing discovery: Tenerife attracts approximately five million visitors annually, establishing it as one of the Canary Islands’ most cherished retreats.

Compelled by curiosity, I embarked on a mission to unearth what truly sets Tenerife apart. This article aims to cut through the clamour, shedding light on its breathtaking beaches, delectable cuisine, exhilarating sports pursuits, and rich cultural fabric—with a dash of personal reflections and hidden gems unlikely to be found in conventional travel guides.

Consider this your exclusive pass to orchestrating an unforgettable sojourn on this effervescent island. Fancy an adventure unlike any other? Read on!

Tenerife’s Beaches

I must tell you about the beaches in Tenerife. They are some of the most stunning spots for a sunbathe or a swim. Imagine soft, golden sands and clear blue waters greeting you every day. I have toured them all to give you this fantastic guide to what each beack offers.


From Playa de Las Teresitas to El Médano, each beach has its own charm. You can try your hand at water sports like scuba diving too. It’s all here waiting for you.

And there’s nothing quite like relaxing on these sandy shores after a dip in the ocean. If you fancy a leisurely walk or a picnic, you’re in luck because Tenerife’s coastline is perfect for that as well.

The sound of the waves and the warmth of the’s blissful!

Whale and dolphin watching

Going out to see whales and dolphins in Tenerife is truly amazing. The sea sparkles under the sun as these beautiful creatures jump and play in the water. It feels so special, almost like they’re putting on a show just for us.

There are lots of different types of whales and dolphins around here. It’s not every day you get to see such an incredible range of marine life up close.

We have written an article about our personal experience of the different tours available.

Next thing on my list? Climbing Mount Teide!

Climbing Mount Teide

After spotting whales and dolphins, it’s time to set our sights higher. Climbing Mount Teide is a must-do for anyone visiting Tenerife. This towering peak is not just any mountain; it’s the highest point in Spain, sitting majestically in Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Picture this: you’re taking the cable car ride up the mountain. The view gets more breathtaking with every second that passes.

I went on this adventure myself and let me tell you, it was nothing short of amazing. Once at the top, the panoramic views are like something out of a fairy tale. You can see for miles around—a sea of clouds below and the vast sky above.

And here’s a pro tip: if you’re into stargazing, stick around after sunset. The stars from up there are unbelievable! Plus, there are quad biking and stargazing tours available too if you fancy adding some extra thrill to your visit to El Teide.

Millennial Dragon Tree Park in Icod de los Vinos

I absolutely love visiting the Millennial Dragon Tree Park in Tenerife. It’s a place where every corner has something unique to offer. From the gorgeous Lago Martiánez, an open-air swimming pool complex that feels like you’re bathing in luxury, to wine-tasting sessions at Reverón Vineyard – it’s all about enjoying those little pleasures of life.

And let’s not forget Casa de Los Balcones; stepping into this historic house is like travelling back in time.

While wandering through the park, I can’t help but admire how they’ve mixed nature with relaxation and history so perfectly. The dragon trees themselves look like something out of a fairy tale, stretching towards the sky with their unique shapes.

Every visit feels different somehow.. Maybe it’s because there’s always a new leafy corner to discover or another local story I hadn’t heard before. This spot truly captures the essence of Tenerife holidays – diverse, relaxing and full of surprises!

The Masca valley is one of the most incredibly places I have ever been to in my life.

Masca Valley is a spot you’ve got to see. It’s tucked away in Tenerife and it’s like stepping into another world. The place is rich with nature hikes that show off the valley’s beauty and its historic sites that tell tales of the past.

And let me tell you, the food here? It’s something else! You get to taste dishes you won’t find anywhere else on the island, adding a cherry on top of your adventure.

Now, for those who love looking up at the stars, Masca Valley offers some crisp stargazing nights. This hidden gem combines natural beauty with unique experiences, making it an absolute must-visit.

Whether you’re trekking through its rugged landscapes or just enjoying a quiet moment under the night sky, there’s no denying Masca Valley has a charm all of its own. So yes, this place should definitely be on your list when touring Tenerife.

Tenerife’s Nature

Tenerife shines with its natural spaces, truly. Take Teide National Park for instance – it’s not just any park. Here, you’re treated to trails that weave through stunning lava formations and landscapes that look like they’re from another planet.

Fancy a bit of adventure? Paragliding over these scenes gives you views that’ll stick with you forever. Trust me, seeing the island from above is something else.

And it’s not all about the skies and mountains either. Tenerife is blessed with pockets of wilderness where peace reigns supreme. Anaga Rural Park whispers tales of ancient times with its misty forests and hidden hamlets that feel untouched by time.

It’s like stepping into a living fairy tale, minus the dragons (or so I hope!). After soaking in all this natural beauty, let’s take a stroll through history next – our old villages have stories to tell..

Tenerife’s Villages

I absolutely love strolling through the historic villages scattered across Tenerife. These little spots are like stepping back in time, showing off the rich history and heritage of this beautiful island. Each village tells its own unique story, offering a peek into Tenerife’s traditional way of life. It’s not just about the old buildings; it’s feeling that vibe of ages past while wandering down ancient streets.

Visiting these places gives me such a deep appreciation for the island beyond its beaches and natural wonders. You really get to see what makes Tenerife so special. From San Cristobal de la Laguna with its colorful colonial architecture to Icod de los Vinos, home of the famous Millennial Dragon Tree, there’s no shortage of charm here.

And let me tell you, grabbing a bite at a local guachinche (a family-run eatery) in one of these villages is simply unbeatable – it adds that authentic touch to your adventure!

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, the capital of Tenerife, is a place where I always find myself lost in its charm. With its old town vibes and bustling waterfront promenade, it’s like stepping into a postcard. The food here? Simply delicious! Walking through the streets, you can’t help but be caught up in the city’s vibrant culture. And oh, let’s not forget about the Santa Cruz carnival in February.

Imagine streets filled with colourful costumes, music that makes your feet move on their own, and dances that tell stories of tradition and fun.

The carnival is an explosion of colours and rhythms – you really have to see it for yourselves to believe how wonderful it is.

It’s like the whole city comes alive with joy and celebration! Next up on our adventure list? Let’s talk about an ancient wonder that adds another layer to this island’s mystique – the Millennial Dragon Tree Park.

Gardens of La Orotova

I must say, the Gardens of La Orotava are a sight to behold. This UNESCO World Heritage site blends traditional Canarian and colonial designs beautifully. You’ll find yourself walking through elegant fountains and charming pathways.

It’s all so peaceful, giving you a perfect break from the usual buzz.

The variety of plants here is stunning, making every corner burst with colour. I took a guided tour to learn about the history and design significance behind it all—it was fascinating! And guess what? Stargazing in Tenerife is up next on my adventure list.


García Sanabria Park:

Located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, this urban park features tropical plants, sculptures, and ponds.


Botanical Garden of Puerto de la Cruz

Spanning 20,000 square meters, this garden showcases flora from around the world, including species from the Canary Islands.


Palmetum of Santa Cruz de Tenerife:

This botanical garden specializes in palm trees, with over 400 species from various continents and scenic viewpoints overlooking the city and sea.

Stargazing Tours in Tenerife

Tenerife is a stargazer’s dream

The sky here is so clear, you can see countless stars at night. Thanks to the clean air and low light pollution, looking up feels like opening a door to another world.

I found myself on Masca peak, and wow—the view was unforgettable. It’s not just about the stars; it’s about feeling small in the best way possible.

Now, imagine visiting the Teide Observatory. They say it’s one of the top places for seeing stars and planets up close. Picture this: you’re standing there as darkness falls, telescope pointed at the sky, waiting for those first dots of light to appear..

And then they do—more brilliant than anything you’ve seen before. It’s moments like these that make a holiday in Tenerife truly magical.

Local food in Tenerife

So, you’re in Tenerife and your taste buds are ready for an adventure? Great choice! The island’s cuisine is like a treasure chest of flavours. I had the pleasure of dining at Restaurante Regulo, where traditional Canarian seafood meets locally-produced wines.

Trust me, it’s a match made in heaven.

Tasting local dishes is a must here. Those wrinkly potatoes slathered in mojo sauce will have you asking for seconds before you know it. And let’s not forget about the fresh fish and meat dishes that simply burst with flavour with every bite.

Oh, and when in Santa Cruz De Tenerife during the annual carnival in February, the food stalls become an endless buffet of delights – make sure to dive in!

Fish and Meat Dishes

After exploring the must-try local food, let’s talk about the amazing fish and meat dishes Tenerife offers. The island’s seafood is fresh from the ocean. Imagine biting into grilled octopus or enjoying a plate of fried squid.

There’s also salted fish stew that tastes like it just came out of the sea.

But wait, there’s more! For meat lovers, Tenerife has mouth-watering options too. You can have ribs cooked to perfection, rabbit stew full of flavour, or goat meat prepared in ways you’ve never thought possible.

Each dish tells its own story through taste and aroma, giving you a true experience of Canarian cuisine. Trust me; your taste buds will thank you!

Canarian Wrinkly Potatoes and Mojos

I must tell you about Canarian wrinkly potatoes and mojos. These spuds get boiled in salted water until their skin wrinkles up, creating a unique taste and texture. They’re nothing like the usual potatoes I’ve had back home.

And then there are the mojos – these sauces are something else! You get the red ones that pack a bit of heat and the green ones that are more herby. Eating them together is a treat for your taste buds.

Serving them as a side dish or tapas, restaurants across Tenerife know how to spotlight these local stars. Trying these gave me a real taste of Tenerife’s food culture. Honestly, skipping on wrinkly potatoes and mojo sauce would be missing out big time!

Golf Courses on Tenerife

Tenerife’s golf courses are a dream come true for anyone who loves the game. The island’s sunny weather all year round makes it perfect to hit the greens any time you fancy. And oh, the views! Imagine aiming your shot with the dramatic Cliffs of Los Gigantes in the background.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

The courses here use volcanic soil, which helps keep them lush and green. This, together with Tenerife’s unique climate, means you’re playing in some of the best-maintained spots around.

After a day out on these beautiful courses, I can gaze up at clear night skies for stargazing—it’s like two amazing experiences rolled into one! Now let’s move on and explore more about Tenerife’s natural wonders.

The Plant Life of Tenerife

So, you’re curious about the plants and animals in Tenerife, eh? Well, this island is like a treasure chest waiting to be opened. From prehistoric critters that still roam around to lush forests hiding secrets from another age, every corner tells a story.

And let me tell you, the stories are fascinating!

Plant Life

A long time ago, Tenerife was home to some pretty unusual creatures. We’re talking about giant lizards and even dwarf elephants! Yes, really. Scientists have found bones of these ancient animals right here on the island.

This tells us a lot about the kind of place Tenerife used to be millions of years ago.

Studying these old bones is like going back in time. It helps us understand how everything has changed over thousands of years. For anyone interested in history or nature, finding out about Tenerife’s prehistoric animals is super exciting. 

Protected Natural Areas

Tenerife is a paradise for nature lovers, take Teide National Park, for instance. It’s not just any park; it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site with Spain’s highest peak right in the middle. This place has trails that’ll make you feel like you’re walking on another planet with its unique volcanic landscapes.

And don’t get me started on Cueva del Viento; Europe’s largest lava tube system is right here under your feet in Tenerife, ready to explore. These are the spots where Mother Nature shows off her best work, making Tenerife an outdoor classroom of sorts – thrilling and awe-inspiring at the same time!

Culture and Arts

Oh, Tenerife’s got a wild side and it’s not just the beaches and mountains. Let me tell you, this island thrives with culture and arts. From music that gets your foot tapping to stunning art that makes you stop and stare, there’s a story waiting around every corner.


Tenerife surprises me with its rich literary scene. Famous authors and poets have found inspiration here, and it shows. From lively book fairs to intimate author readings, there’s always something that catches my fancy.

I’ve even joined a couple of book clubs during my stay, chatting away with locals about our latest reads under the warm sun. And let’s not forget the writing workshops! They say everyone has a story inside them, and Tenerife surely brings those tales to light.

The island’s libraries and bookstores are treasure troves, offering books in many languages. It makes you think about how stories travel across oceans, finding new homes. This place is not just beaches and sunsets; it’s a hub for creativity, packed with tales waiting to be discovered or maybe even written by you.

Now speaking of creativity, let’s talk painting next – another art form that flourishes beautifully on this island.


I must say, one of my top picks in Tenerife has to be the open-air swimming pools at Lago Martiánez. Oh, and guess what? These aren’t just any ordinary pools. They’re sprinkled with amazing sculptures by a famous artist from Tenerife, César Manrique.

It’s like getting a two-for-one deal – a refreshing swim plus an art exhibit rolled into one sunny afternoon.

Now, for someone like me who loves a bit of culture mixed with relaxation, this place is a dream come true. The thought that I can float on water and look up to see stunning art pieces is just wow.

And let’s not forget, these sculptures add such a unique vibe to the whole place; it’s almost as if they’re watching over you while you enjoy your swim. Who knew art could blend so well with leisure?


Tenerife’s buildings tell stories. Just imagine walking past Casa de Los Balcones—I did, and let me say, the sight of those intricately carved balconies from 1632 is something else.

They speak of a time long gone but cherished through preservation. This place has a Canarian patio that takes your breath away with its beauty and sense of tranquillity.

Speaking of unique spots, Lago Martiánez isn’t just any ordinary pool; it’s a masterpiece dotted with sculptures by César Manrique, a legend from Tenerife himself. Strolling around there feels like you’re in an open-air museum where water meets art—it’s truly mesmerising.

The architecture in Tenerife mixes the old with the new in ways that surprise and delight at every corner.


Moving from the world of words to the vibrancy of colours, painting in Tenerife offers a unique canvas. This island’s clean air and lack of light pollution mean artists can see nature in true hues, day or night.

With scenery ranging from beaches to mountain tops, there’s no shortage of inspiration for anyone with a brush.

The cultural heritage here is rich; it feeds into every stroke on canvas. Visiting spaces like tenerife espacio de las artes gives a peek into how local and international artists capture this island’s essence.

Whether you’re an aspiring painter or just appreciate good art, the blend of natural beauty and artistic talent makes Tenerife a gallery under the open sky.


Music in Tenerife is like stepping into a colourful dance of sounds. The island’s beat comes from its multicultural heritage, mixing African, Latin, and European tunes. I found myself swaying to traditional Canarian music at locals bars and clubs where the rhythm just pulls you in.

The timple and bandurria strums add a unique touch that tells stories of the island’s past.

Throughout the year, Tenerife hosts fantastic music festivals. These aren’t just any events; they’re a melting pot of genres with artists from around the globe bringing their best performances to our shores.

From jazz nights under the stars to rock concerts by the beach – there’s always something happening here that will make your heart sing along.


I’ve got to tell you about the crafts in Tenerife. They’re something else. You can find pottery and ceramic art almost everywhere. The island’s rich cultural heritage shines through its traditional pottery to contemporary art forms.

I visited several pottery centres and ceramic cafes, each with unique pieces that tell a story of this vibrant place.

It felt like stepping into a world where every creation has its tale, from the intricate designs on ceramics to the bold patterns on traditional pots. Yes, there’s so much more to Tenerife than just breathtaking views and thrilling adventures—its arts and crafts scene is alive and kicking! So, if you love bringing home souvenirs that mean something, you’ll be spoilt for choice here.

Trust me; these aren’t your usual touristy knick-knacks but treasures that carry the essence of Tenerife.

What is Your Favourite Canary Island?


Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, oh what a place! It’s like Tenerife’s sibling but with its own unique charm. I found myself exploring stunning beaches that seemed to stretch on forever. The dunes of Maspalomas felt like stepping onto another planet, with golden sands as far as the eye could see.

Culture vultures, listen up! The capital city, Las Palmas, is a treasure trove brimming with history and life. From the cobbled streets of Vegueta to the buzz around Playa de Las Canteras, every corner has a story.  Trust me; Gran Canaria is not just another stopover – it’s an adventure all by itself.


Tenerife lights up the night with its buzzing bars, clubs, and eateries. It’s a place where music echoes into the early hours, making every evening an adventure. For those after something a bit calmer, there are beautiful beaches to relax on and stunning landscapes that look like they’re straight out of a painting.

During the day, Tenerife doesn’t slow down. You can explore Teide National Park or splash around in Siam Park. Want more? How about boat trips that let you spy on dolphins or scuba diving to meet underwater creatures? And if you visit during Christmas or New Year’s, get ready for extra fun with special shows and activities that bring everyone together.


So, I’ve got to tell you about Fuerteventura. This place is a treasure on its own, famed for its unique architecture that’s caught the eye of UNESCO. Imagine wandering through streets lined with buildings that tell stories from ages past—pretty cool, right? It’s like stepping into a different era where every corner and cobblestone has something new to whisper to you.

And here’s a little secret between us; it’s not just about the buildings. The vibe of this island is something else. You’re walking where history left its mark, surrounded by landscapes that seem almost too beautiful to be real. Trust me, your Instagram won’t know what hit it! So why not add Fuerteventura to your travel list? Maybe we’ll bump into each other there.


After exploring Fuerteventura, I couldn’t wait to see what Lanzarote had in store. Guess what? This island blew my mind with its unique architecture – thanks, UNESCO! Lanzarote’s soil isn’t just any dirt; it’s volcanic magic that makes wine taste heavenly.

Now, hiking is not always my thing but the trails here? Absolutely worth every step for the views alone.

Whale-watching turned out to be an unexpected highlight of my trip. Different seasons bring different whales closer to Lanzarote’s shores. Picture me on a boat, eyes wide open, spotting these majestic creatures in their natural habitat – unforgettable! So yeah, saying goodbye to this island wasn’t easy at all.

La Graciosa

I’ve got to tell you about La Graciosa, a little gem just north of Lanzarote. This place is part of the Chinijo Archipelago and it’s nothing short of magical with its stunning beaches, clear waters, and unique volcanic landscapes.

Getting there is easy peasy – a quick ferry ride from Lanzarote.

Now, if you’re like me and love finding spots where you can just relax without bumping into too many people, La Graciosa is your go-to island. It offers this tranquil vibe that’s hard to find these days. Imagine walking on soft sands or swimming in crystal-clear water without the usual crowd. Plus, exploring those volcanic landscapes makes you feel like an adventurer discovering uncharted territories! 

La Gomera

After soaking up the charms of La Graciosa, it’s time to whisk ourselves over to another gem in the Canaries – La Gomera. This island is a paradise for those who love nature and adventure.

Its unique landscapes and ancient forests almost make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world. The Garajonay National Park, with its misty paths and lush greenery, whispers secrets of an olden age.

Exploring this mystical island reveals more than just stunning views; it offers a deep dive into a culture preserved through centuries. From the enchanting whistled language known as “El Silbo” to quaint villages that dot the landscape, every corner tells a story.

The local food will delight your taste buds too – fresh fish and palm honey are must-tries here. Trust me, La Gomera isn’t just a place you visit; it’s an experience that stays with you long after you’ve left its shores.

La Palma

Moving on from the lush La Gomera, we jump over to La Palma. This is another gem in the Canary Islands you can’t miss. I found that hopping on a ferry or catching a short flight from Tenerife gets you there quite easily.

Once there, the choices for where to stay are plenty – hotels, resorts, cosy holiday rentals, and guesthouses all ready to welcome you.

La Palma blew me away with its local food scene – think fresh seafood and unique dishes that have their own story. It’s not just about eating; it’s an experience! And if you’re like me, loving nature and animals, this island has got you covered.

There are spots where you can marvel at diverse plants and creatures all day long. Plus, I soaked up some culture by checking out historic sites and museums – each telling tales of La Palma’s rich past. So yes, adding La Palma to your Tenerife trip? Absolutely worth it 

El Hiero

So, after soaking up the magic of La Palma, it’s time to talk about El Hierro. This little gem in the Canary Islands is a haven for those who love peace and untouched nature. You can hop on a ferry from Tenerife to get here.

It feels like stepping into another world—a place that moves at its own slow pace.

El Hierro is big on keeping things green and clean. They’re all about renewable energy and keeping their island beautiful and healthy. If you’re someone who loves exploring nature without crowds, this is your spot.

Imagine walking through forests and along coastlines where it’s just you, the birds, and maybe a few curious lizards. The air here smells like freedom—with a hint of salt from the sea.

And let’s not forget the adventures waiting for you under water; diving here feels like discovering a secret world full of colour.