In this blog post, I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to reach the pinnacle of Mount Teide. Whether you choose to ascend its slopes on foot or opt for a more laid-back approach via cable car, we’ve got everything covered from obtaining permits to selecting trails like Montaña Blanca.


You can get to the top of Mount Teide by taking a cable car or hiking. The cable car is fast, taking 8 minutes to near the peak.


Hiking Montaña Blanca trail takes about 6-7 hours and you need a permit for the final part of the hike.


Getting a permit is important. Apply online early or book with Volcano Teide Experience who handle permits for their tours.

Ways to Reach the Summit of Mount Teide

You can get to the top of Mount Teide by riding a cable car or walking. The ride is quick, and hiking lets you see more nature. 

Cable Car Option 

I take the cable car. It carries me from the base at 2,356 meters up to 3,555 meters in just 8 minutes. The views on this ride? Stunning. I see everything below me get smaller and prettier.

This is by far the easiest way to touch the sky above Teide National Park without breaking a sweat.

Volcano Teide takes care of everything for the trip. They even offer a VIP tour with a personal guide if you like special treatment. Safe payment methods keep my mind at ease when booking.

And knowing I can reach out to customer service anytime makes things stress-free.

Easiest way climb to Mount Teide’s peak? Definitely, by cable car.

Hiking Option 

I choose to hike up Mount Teide, and let me tell you, it’s an adventure. The trail starts at Montaña Blanca. It stretches about 9 km long. This journey takes around 6-7 hours on foot.

You need a permit for the final part to reach the summit. I got mine by applying online on the National Parks reservations site early.

To ensure my spot, I booked ahead of time. On my trek, I experienced breathtaking views and unique volcanic landscapes that made every step worth it. Joining a guided hike up Mount Teide could also be an option if planning isn’t your thing; they often handle permits for you.

Hiking to the Peak

Hiking up Mount Teide means starting your adventure at Montaña Blanca. You’ll need a permit — don’t worry, getting one is part of the journey! 

Hiking via Montaña Blanca 

I love hiking up Mount Teide through Montaña Blanca. It’s a path that stretches for about 9 km and takes me around 6-7 hours to complete. This journey is not easy, with steep parts and the weather changing fast.

Here’s what I do:

 I start early in the morning. The air is cooler, and fewer people are on the trail.

  1. Good boots are a must. They keep my feet happy over rocks and rough spots.
  2. I bring lots of water, more than I think I’ll need. High places can make you thirsty.
  3. Snacks keep me going. Energy bars and fruit give me a boost when I feel tired.
  4. A hat and sunscreen protect me from the sun at high places.
  5. I wear layers. Weather changes quick up there, so being able to add or remove clothes helps.
  6. My phone is fully charged, but I don’t count on it too much since signals can be weak.
  7. A permit is important for reaching the peak, so I make sure to get one ahead of time online.
  8. Taking breaks is key, especially at steep parts where my legs work hard.
  9. Photos help remember this adventure, but I’m careful not to drop my camera or phone.

 This hike makes me respect nature more every time. The challenge is hard but worth it once I see the view from the top of Teide Peak; it’s like nothing else!

Obtaining a Permit

I need a permit to hike to the top of Mount Teide. Two ways exist to secure one: applying online on the National Parks reservations site or through activities with Volcano Teide Experience.

Here’s how I can get my permission:

  1. Visit the official National Parks reservations website. The site lists available dates and times for summit hikes.
  2. Choose a date and time slot that fits my schedule. They fill up fast, so I act quickly.
  3. Fill out the application form with my personal details: name, passport number, and contact information.
  4. Submit the form and wait for confirmation via email. This email is important; it contains my permit.
  5. If direct applications are tricky or slots are full, I look at Volcano Teide Experience options. They offer guided tours that include permits as part of their package.
  6. Select an excursion or VIP experience from Volcano Teide Experience that suits my preference and budget.
  7. Book it in advance, ensuring access to the peak without the hassle of securing a permit on my own.

Using either method gives me access to the trails leading up Mount Teide’s peak, letting me enjoy breathtaking views without worry.

The Volcano Teide Experience

Climbing Teide lets you walk on a sleeping giant. You’ll see rocks that look like art and breathe air so clear, it sparkles.

Excursion Details

The excursion to Mount Teide includes everything I need: transport and a permit for the summit. This means no stress about how to get there or if I can make it to the top. They pick us up, and we’re on our way to one of the most breathtaking places in Tenerife, Spain.

It’s exciting because this trip offers an exclusive look at a volcano without worrying about the details.

For those who want something more special, there’s also a VIP option. It gives me access to my own guide. This personal touch turns a great experience into an unforgettable one. We start at La Rambleta and end looking over an enormous crater—an 800-meter wide bowl of silence under our feet.

I always dreamed of watching the sunset from above the clouds; on this tour, that dream comes true.

 Weekly calendars help plan when to go, making sure every moment counts during my climb up Pico del Teide. Plus, they’ve got all contact info ready for when I have questions or need to book my spot.

VIP Excursion Option

So, after looking into the regular ways to reach Mount Teide’s peak, let me dive into something special—the VIP Excursion Option. This choice gives you a unique chance. You get a guide all to yourself for a very personal experience up the volcano.

It means no waiting in lines or dealing with crowds for you.

I found out this option also includes everything from picking you up at your place to taking care of the permit needed to reach the top by cable car. That’s right, no headache over permits or transport; it’s all handled.

Plus, experiencing Mount Teide like this makes sure you see and learn things most don’t get to.

Guided Tours and Trails


Official Guide Tour

I book a tour with the National Park’s official guide to see Mount Teide up close. It starts at La Rambleta and ends with a view of an 800-meter crater. This tour lets me learn from experts about the volcano, its history, and the natural beauty around it.

The Sunset guided tour is something special too. I get to watch the sun go down from Pico Viejo viewpoint. It’s breathtaking and makes for unforgettable memories. The guides share stories of volcanic eruptions and point out other Canary Islands in the distance as night falls.

Telesforo Bravo Trail

Telesforo Bravo Trail takes me straight to Mount Teide’s crater. It’s a top pick for hikers in Tenerife, famous for its jaw-dropping views of the island’s northern slope. The journey begins at La Rambleta, winding up to a spot with an 800-meter wide crater beneath my feet.

Here, the landscape stretches far and wide – a panoramic feast for the eyes.

For those who love sunsets like I do, there’s something special about this trail. A sunset guided tour leads to Pico Viejo viewpoint. From there, the sun dipping below the horizon is not just beautiful; it’s unforgettable.

This blend of adventure and natural beauty makes every step worth it – from start to breathtaking finish.

Trail No. 11 and No. 12

After exploring the Telesforo Bravo trail, I found two more paths worth mentioning: Trail No. 11 and No. 12. These routes offer unique views and experiences of Mount Teide’s landscape.

Trail No. 11 lets me see the northern slope of Tenerife from up high. It feels like standing on top of the world, looking down at a painting made by nature itself. Then, there’s Trail No.

12 with its volcanic path that takes me past fumaroles and old lava rivers – it’s like walking through a live science book! Both trails make hiking up Mount Teide Peak an unforgettable adventure.

Sunset Guided Tour

I love hiking, but the Sunset Guided Tour on Mount Teide takes it to a whole new level. This tour starts at La Rambleta. From there, we trek towards Pico Viejo viewpoint. The goal? To catch one of the most stunning sunsets you’ll ever see, with views that stretch over an 800-meter crater.

The path illuminated by the fading sunlight is unforgettable. As darkness falls, colors paint the sky and the landscape in ways photos can’t capture fully – you have to be there to feel it.

Ending my day standing at a viewpoint overlooking this massive crater made me appreciate nature’s beauty even more.