Picking the right tour can feel overwhelming with all the available options. You want a tour that respects these majestic marine animals while providing an unforgettable experience.

This guide aims to navigate you through every aspect—from pinpointing when migratory whales visit, identifying companies that offer considerate tours towards our aquatic friends, to practical tips like packing essentials and mitigating sea sickness during your expedition.


The best time to see whales in Tenerife is from November to February when migratory whales pass by the island.


Places like Puerto Colon and Los Gigantes are great spots for whale watching tours that show these creatures up close.

Specific Tour Companies for Whale Watching Experiences

For those ready to see whales up close in Tenerife, many companies offer amazing tours. Each one brings something special to the water. They make sure your time looking for these giant sea creatures turns into an adventure you’ll talk about for years.

If you’re dreaming of watching whales glide through the ocean, checking out these tour operators is a must-do on your travel list. With options like sailboats and eco-friendly catamarans, there’s a perfect match for every eager tourist.

Keep reading to discover more about how you can join in on this unforgettable experience!

White Tenerife

After exploring Tenerife Sailing Charters, let’s take a closer look at White Tenerife. This company stands out for its big boats that make whale-watching a breeze. They offer trips that last three or five hours.

This choice lets visitors decide how long they want to spend on the ocean, watching these magnificent creatures.

On my trip with White Tenerife, I chose the five-hour tour. The extra time on water made all the difference. We had plenty of chances to see pilot whales glide through the water and even spotted some dolphins playing near our boat.

The crew knew exactly where to go for the best sightings and shared lots of info about each species we saw.

Eden Catamaran

I once took a trip with Eden Catamaran for whale watching in Tenerife. This company is top-notch for its unique experiences at sea. They offer various tours that let you see whales up close.

The crew knows exactly where to go to find these majestic creatures. They also respect the ocean and its inhabitants by following local rules. This means they care about the environment while giving us a fantastic tour.

Eden Catamaran even has the “Blue Boat Flag.” This shows they are serious about eco-friendly tours. I learned so much about different whales, like pilot whales and humpback whales, from their knowledgeable guides.

It was an adventure I’ll never forget, filled with sights of dolphins dancing around the catamaran and whales surfacing near us.

Next up, let’s talk about Royal Delphin…

Free Bird

So, you’re thinking about whale watching in Tenerife? Well, Freebird is your go-to for an unforgettable experience. This company stands out because they really know how to make each trip special.

They offer tours where you can see amazing sea creatures like pilot whales and even the huge blue whales. The crew on Freebird boats are experts. They tell you cool facts about these sea giants and help everyone get a great view.

On their boats, it’s not just sitting and watching. You feel like part of an adventure at sea. Plus, they care about the ocean and its inhabitants a lot. Joining a tour with Freebird means you’re also supporting eco-friendly practices in tourism.

Ready for some fun on the water? Next up, let’s talk about why choosing responsible tours matters so much.

Third Element

I found out about Third Element, a cool company offering sailboat tours for up to 8 people. They’re perfect if you’re staying near Los Gigantes and want a more personal whale watching experience.

What’s really great is that some of their boats are part of special groups like WCA and FRIEND OF THE SEA. These groups care about the ocean and its creatures.

Choosing Third Element means you get a smaller group size on your tour. This makes the trip feel more special because you can ask lots of questions and get close views without crowding.

Plus, knowing they follow ethical programs gives me peace that we’re not harming these beautiful sea giants while enjoying their beauty.

Tenerife Sailing Charters

I found Tenerife Sailing Charters to offer the best whale-watching experience around. For about €60 each, you get to join a small group on a sailboat. This means the trip feels more special because it’s just you and up to 10 other people watching whales together.

This company makes the tour feel personal. They are great for anyone who wants something more than just a quick look at these amazing creatures of the sea. I love that it’s not too crowded, which lets me enjoy every moment out there on the water without feeling rushed.

Best Time for Whale Watching in Tenerife

The best time to see whales in Tenerife is from November to February. This is when migratory whales pass by the island.

November to February for migratory whales

 I love going to Tenerife between November and February. This time is perfect for seeing migratory whales. These sea giants travel long distances to be in the warm waters around the Canary Islands.

It’s a magical sight, something I look forward to every year.

The ocean becomes a stage for nature’s grand show, with migratory whales as the stars.

 Seeing these creatures up close fills me with awe. On my trips, I’ve spotted humpback whales and even the mighty blue whale. Their sheer size and elegant movements are breathtaking.

Each trip out on the water is a new adventure, full of surprises from the deep blue sea.

Humpback Whales


Seeing humpback whales in Tenerife is a big deal from December to February. These giants pick this spot near La Gomera because it’s warm and full of food, making it perfect for their winter visit.

It’s so cool to watch them jump and splash around! The water between the islands is like a whale party zone with a 99% chance of spotting them.

Whale watching in Tenerife isn’t just an activity; it’s witnessing nature’s marvels up close.

Pilot Whales


I love to see pilot whales during my trips in Tenerife. These creatures are a main type of toothed whale you can find here. They live near Tenerife all year, which makes them easier to spot than some other big sea animals that only show up in winter.

The thought of seeing these amazing animals up close excites me every time.

Next, let’s dive into the humpback whales visiting Tenerife’s waters.

Fin Whales

I love going to Tenerife to see the whales, especially fin whales. These huge creatures are part of why Tenerife is such a big deal for people who enjoy watching sea life. In winter, these giants swim close to the coast.

This makes it an exciting time for whale watching tours in Tenerife. Seeing them feels special because they’re one of the biggest types of whales out there.

Fin whales make Tenerife stand out as a key area for marine conservation in Europe. The chance to spot them during a tour is something I always look forward to. Their presence adds so much to the mix of marine species you can find around this beautiful island.

It’s thrilling and important at the same time; knowing that we’re sharing space with such majestic animals right off Tenerife’s coasts.

Blue Whales

So, you’re thinking about whale watching in Tenerife? Great choice! Let’s talk about the giants of the sea, blue whales. These huge creatures visit the waters off Tenerife during winter.

It’s a sight to see! Blue whales travel here with other big whales like humpback and fin whales. The area between Tenerife and La Gomera is where they hang out. This makes Tenerife a perfect spot for seeing them.

Seeing a blue whale is an amazing chance not everyone gets. If you go on a whale-watching tour here, keep your eyes peeled for these massive animals. The ocean here is rich with life, including these incredible cetaceans.

Each sighting feels special because blue whales are so astounding. Keep your camera ready; you won’t want to miss this!

Bryde Whales

Moving from the majestic blue whales, let’s shift our focus to another breathtaking giant of the sea – Bryde whales. These remarkable creatures make their way off Tenerife’s coast during winter, turning it into one of Europe’s top spots for whale watching.

It excites me to think that while we’re bundling up in coats and scarves, these giants are gracefully moving through the waters nearby.

Bryde whales stand out as a main attraction among the marine inhabitants migrating here in colder months. Their presence adds a unique touch to Tenerife’s already vibrant marine life scene.

Seeing them glide through the ocean is an experience I find utterly thrilling – it’s like nature puts on a show just for us!

The sight of a Bryde whale slicing through the water is something you’ll carry with you long after your visit.

Locations for Whale Watching in Tenerife

Tenerife is a prime spot for seeing whales, with places like Puerto Colon and Los Gigantes standing out. These spots offer clear views and deep waters where whales love to swim. Get ready to experience these majestic creatures up close.

Explore more to find your perfect whale watching adventure!

Los Gigantes

After enjoying whale watching from Puerto Colon, another exciting spot awaits—Los Gigantes. This harbor stands out as one of the top places for boat tours in Tenerife to see whales.

The cliffs provide a stunning backdrop that makes the experience even more magical. Here, there’s almost a sure chance to spot pilot whales and Bottlenose dolphins in the water between Tenerife and La Gomera.

Boats set sail into the blue, offering close encounters with marine life. It’s thrilling to watch how these animals live in their natural habitat. With around 20 types of cetaceans calling these waters home, every trip feels like a new adventure.

From March to April, you might even catch sight of sperm whales—a rare treat! Los Gigantes truly delivers unforgettable moments for anyone eager to meet these ocean giants up close.

Puerto Colon

I love heading to Puerto Colon for whale watching tours. This harbor is one of the best spots in Tenerife. The sea floor shapes make it almost sure you’ll see pilot whales or bottlenose dolphins.

You’re out there on the ocean, and these amazing creatures are just a few feet away.

Next up, let’s chat about Los Gigantes.

Responsible and Eco-Friendly Whale Watching Tours

For those looking to enjoy the ocean and its giants, going on a responsible tour matters. Tenerife cares about this and offers tours that respect the sea creatures and their home. These tours follow strict rules to make sure we don’t disturb the whales or dolphins while watching them.

They use boats marked with a “Blue Boat Flag”, showing they care for our ocean friends rightly. This flag means they teach us how to watch these animals without harm. Tours like this help protect both big and small sea animals by keeping our oceans clean and safe for everyone.

Tenerife Turismo’s “Blue Boat Flag”

 I went on a whale watching tour in Tenerife and saw the “Blue Boat Flag” waving on our boat. This flag means we were part of an eco-friendly trip that respects the sea creatures. Tenerife Turismo gives this flag to boats that follow rules for protecting whales and dolphins.

I felt good knowing we weren’t harming these amazing animals.

On my trip, I learned that boats with the Blue Boat Flag must keep a safe distance from whales and never chase them. They also work hard not to pollute the ocean. Our guide told us about how important it is to protect marine life in Tenerife.

I’m glad I chose a tour that cares about the ocean as much as I do.

Regulations for Approaching and Observing Marine Mammals

 The local government in Tenerife sets strict rules on how close boats can get to whales and dolphins. These majestic sea animals need their space, just like us. On my trips with certified companies, I’ve learned that respecting these distances helps protect the ocean’s natural rhythm.

Boats must stay a certain distance away, ensuring they do not disturb or harm these marine creatures.

Choosing a tour with the “Blue Boat Flag” means going on an eco-friendly adventure. This flag signals that the company cares about our marine friends and follows all regulations for a safe and respectful experience.

It’s about enjoying the beauty of whale watching while keeping their well-being at heart. My first-hand experiences have shown me how following these guidelines makes for unforgettable encounters that feel right in tune with nature’s laws.

Booking in Advance

 I always book my whale watching tours in Tenerife ahead of time. It makes things so much easier. Last year, I learned my lesson. I thought I could just show up and find a spot on a boat.

But boy, was I wrong! With over 6 million people visiting Tenerife each year, spots fill up fast. Especially for popular activities like seeing the pilot whales or the humpback whales.

So now, I make sure to secure my place on the boat early. This way, I get to pick from the best tours around Puerto Colon or Los Gigantes without any stress. Plus, some companies offer early booking discounts – who doesn’t love saving money? Trust me; it’s worth it to plan this part of your trip well in advance.

Seasickness Considerations

 I know that feeling queasy can ruin the fun of whale watching in Tenerife. So, I always make sure to take seasickness pills before stepping on a boat. It’s smart to skip big meals and alcohol right before you go.

This keeps your stomach calm.

Picking a big, steady boat also helps me feel less sick while out on the ocean. And just in case, I wear those wristbands or stick on a patch that fights off nausea. That way, I get to enjoy spotting pilot whales and dolphins without worrying about seasickness getting in my way.


1. When is the best time to go whale watching in Tenerife?

The best times are February, April, and May. You can see whales and dolphins then.

2. Where can I watch whales in Tenerife?

You can find them all around the island, but Costa Adeje, Los Gigantes, and Los Cristianos are top spots.

3. Can I see different kinds of whales?

Yes! From big killer whales to playful dolphins, Tenerife’s waters have lots of types.

4. Are there eco-friendly tours for whale watching?

Sure thing! Look for tours on eco-catamarans to help protect the sea life.

5. What else can I do besides watching whales?

Tenerife offers stargazing, scuba diving with sea turtles, and exploring marine ecosystems.

6. How should I prepare for a whale-watching tour?

Bring a good camera or smartphone for photos and wear comfy clothes for the boat ride.