Searching for the perfect spot to relax isn’t always easy, especially when you’re craving peace and beauty. I understand – it can feel like there’s just too much to choose from. But during my own search for tranquility, I stumbled upon an incredible revelation: Tenerife is home to some of the most stunning gardens you can find in 2024.

Through dedicated research, I uncovered seven magnificent havens scattered across the island. Each garden presents its unique charm, boasting exotic plant collections and historical depth that spans centuries.

My discoveries are compiled to help you navigate these natural wonders seamlessly.

Prepare to be enthralled…

Key Takeaways

  • Tenerife has stunning gardens like Jardín Botánico and Santa Cruz Palmetum with the biggest collection of palm trees in Europe.
  • You can see unique plants, including the oldest dragon tree at Orchid Garden Sitio Litre and Parque del Drago.
  • Many gardens offer free entry or guided tours for a small fee, making it easy to learn about different plant species.
  • Taoro Park offers more than just plants, with waterfalls, playgrounds, and restaurants for a full day of fun.
  • The Tigaiga Hotel Gardens provide guided tours all year round where you can learn about classified plant species from around the world.

Jardín Botánico in Puerto de la Cruz

A woman walking among exotic plants in a botanical garden.

I love exploring gardens, and Jardín Botánico in Puerto de la Cruz caught my eye. It’s a haven filled with plants from around the world and has a calm vibe that invites you for a peaceful stroll.

Special collection of native and tropical plants

In Jardín Botánico, I walked among a rich mix of local and exotic greenery. This place has plants that love Tenerife’s weather. They thrive here, showing off colors that make your heart sing.

It’s not just about the beauty. Each plant tells a story of where it’s from and how it got here. Some are rare finds you won’t see anywhere else on the island.

Next up is my visit to a historic garden founded in 1788, which feels like stepping back in time…

Founded in 1788

Back in 1788, something amazing happened. They started a garden that would turn into a place full of life and colors. I’m talking about La Orotava Acclimatization Garden. My visit there was like stepping back in time.

Everywhere I looked, there were plants and flowers from all over the world. It felt magical.

Walking through the garden is like wandering through a living museum.

What caught my eye was how they’ve kept it so rich and vibrant for centuries. Imagine, this garden has seen the world change in so many ways, yet here it stands – peaceful and timeless.

For someone who loves nature, it’s more than just a walk; it’s an experience you keep with you.

Peaceful place to walk around

After learning about its history since 1788, I found myself in a serene space perfect for wandering. This garden offers a quiet retreat where you can enjoy nature at your own pace.

Visitors often spend two to three hours here, just soaking in the beauty and calmness. It’s easy to see why. Every path leads to a new discovery of native and tropical plants perfectly laid out before your eyes.

I walked these paths myself, feeling the hustle of everyday life slip away with each step. The sounds of the city faded into the background, replaced by the rustling leaves and soft whispers of nature surrounding me on all sides.

Here, among ancient trees and rare flowers, time seems to stand still – offering a precious pause in our otherwise busy lives.

Orchid Garden Sitio Litre in Puerto de la Cruz

A man and woman admiring vibrant orchids in Orchid Garden Sitio Litre.

In Puerto de la Cruz, the Orchid Garden Sitio Litre shines bright. It’s a spot where you’ll find the biggest bunch of orchids on the island and meet an ancient dragon tree that has seen many years pass by.

Largest collection of orchids on the island

I got to visit the Orchid Garden Sitio Litre in Puerto de la Cruz and, oh boy, was it a sight to behold! They say it has the largest collection of orchids on the island and I can vouch for that.

Everywhere you look, there are orchids of every size and color imaginable. It’s like stepping into a rainbow made of flowers. And the air? It smells so sweet and fresh, filled with the scent of these beautiful blooms.

It’s more than just walking through a garden; it’s an experience that touches all your senses.

Not only did I get lost in the sea of colors, but I also learned that this place is home to the largest and oldest dragon tree around. It kind of puts things into perspective—how small we are compared to these towering giants of nature.

For just €4,50 as an entrance fee, you’re signing up for an unforgettable journey among some of Mother Nature’s finest works.

Home to the largest and oldest dragon tree

The Orchid Garden Sitio Litre in Puerto de la Cruz blew my mind. It houses the biggest and most ancient dragon tree I’ve ever seen. This place isn’t just about the orchids, which are stunning by themselves.

The dragon tree stands tall, telling stories of ages past. Its size is immense, making it a must-see for anyone visiting Tenerife. Exploring the garden felt like stepping back in time, with every corner offering a new wonder.

Next up on my adventure is Santa Cruz Palmetum in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, known for its vast collection of palm trees.

Santa Cruz Palmetum in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, there’s a place called Santa Cruz Palmetum. It’s a big garden full of palm trees from all over the world, more than any other place in Europe!

Extensive botanical garden

I love visiting Santa Cruz de Tenerife for its amazing garden full of plants. This place has the biggest number of palm trees in Europe. It’s not just a garden; it feels like a museum for plants.

Walking here, I see palms that are taller than any building I know. They come from all over the world.

Next, I’ll walk around Parque del Drago, another spot that is sure to amaze with its ancient tree.

Largest collection of palm trees in Europe

Santa Cruz Palmetum holds a special spot in my heart. It’s where you can see the biggest group of palm trees in Europe for just €6,00 if you’re an adult. Walking through this vast botanical garden feels like stepping into a different world.

Each pathway leads to another stunning variety of palms, some towering high above and others more modest in height but equally fascinating.

The beauty of Santa Cruz Palmetum is not just in its size but the diversity it encompasses.

Last time I visited, I was amazed at how each palm tree had its own story. The staff mentioned there are species from every corner of the globe. It’s like taking a trip around the world without leaving Tenerife.

And let me tell you, having all these incredible trees waving gently under the Canary Islands’ sun creates a peaceful yet exotic atmosphere that makes any day better.

Parque del Drago in Icod de Los Vinos

At Parque del Drago in Icod de Los Vinos, you’ll see one of the most ancient dragon trees. This spot has stories to tell and beauty that takes your breath away.

Home to one of the oldest dragon trees

I visited Parque del Drago in Icod de Los Vinos, and it blew my mind. This park has an ancient dragon tree that’s over 800 years old. Walking around, I felt like I was stepping back in time.

They charge a small entry fee – between $2.5 to $5 – but it’s totally worth it to see this magnificent piece of nature.

Next on my list was Hijuela del Botánico in La Orotava, just waiting for me to explore its botanical wonders.

Hijuela del Botánico in La Orotava

The Hijuela del Botánico in La Orotava is a small but stunning garden. It hides behind the town hall, waiting for visitors to find its 3390 square meters full of plants.

Botanical garden with 3390 square meters

I found this cool space behind the City Council building. It’s a garden that covers 3390 square meters. And guess what? You can walk in without paying a dime. It’s packed with plants and trees, making it a neat spot to chill or take pictures.

Walking through, I feel like I’m wandering in a living museum but without any walls.

Next up, let’s head over to Taoro Park

Located behind the building of the City Council

I just visited this hidden gem of a garden tucked away behind the City Council’s offices. It’s open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., giving you plenty of time in the morning and early afternoon to explore.

This spot is easy to miss, but trust me, it’s worth seeking out.

Walking through its gates was like stepping into another world. The place was peaceful, with every turn presenting a new type of plant or flower I had never seen before. And since it’s right behind where important city decisions are made, there’s this unique blend of history and nature that makes you feel connected to both La Orotava’s past and present.

Taoro Park in Puerto de la Cruz

Taoro Park is a beautiful spot in Puerto de la Cruz. It has lots of different places to see and fun things to do.

Features various areas and attractions

Taoro Park Los Jardines de La Atalaya Los Jardines del Taoro Camino de la Sortija

You can find cool waterfalls, play in a children’s playground or even enjoy a meal at the restaurant. It’s like stepping into a storybook where every path leads to something new.

I love how this park offers more than flowers and trees; it brings stories to life. Whether you’re chasing the sound of falling water or watching kids laugh on swings, there’s always something to do or see here.

And if you get hungry, there’s tasty food waiting just around the corner at the restaurant. Next up is Tigaiga Hotel Gardens!

Tigaiga Hotel Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz

At the Tigaiga Hotel Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz, you find a wide variety of plants with labels. Guided tours are here all year. See more about this garden and get ready for an adventure!

Collection of classified plant species

I had the chance to visit the Tigaiga Hotel Gardens in Puerto de la Cruz. This place is amazing because it has a big collection of different plants with names and details. They have free entry, which is great for anyone who wants to see beautiful plants without spending money.

I walked around, looking at all the plants that were neatly sorted into groups. Each group had a sign telling us more about the plants. It felt like being on a treasure hunt but for plants!

During my visit, I also found out they offer guided tours all year round. I joined one and learned so much about each plant species. The guide was super knowledgeable and talked about where each plant came from and how it ended up here in Tenerife.

Walking through those gardens felt like exploring different parts of the world, from tropical jungles to arid deserts, without ever leaving the island!

Open all year with guided tours

You can visit the Tigaiga Hotel Gardens any day of the year. Yes, every day! They offer guided tours every Tuesday. This is great news for someone like me who loves plants but doesn’t always plan ahead.

Last month, I joined one of these tours on a whim. The guide was super knowledgeable and passionate about their collection of plant species. It felt more like exploring with a friend than a formal tour.

Walking through those gardens made my week. Seeing all those classified plant species up close was amazing. The guides really know their stuff and they share cool facts that stick with you long after the tour ends.

Plus, being able to do this any time of the year means there’s always something new to see, no matter when you go.


I discovered seven amazing gardens in Tenerife for 2024. Each garden shows off different plants and history. I saw old dragon trees, tons of orchids, and Europe’s biggest group of palm trees.

Seeing these places is easy and fun. Asking questions or going on tours helps learn more. These tips make exploring simple.

The beauty and learning at these gardens improve any trip to Tenerife. I suggest visiting each one for a unique experience. My time in these gardens made my trip unforgettable; yours can be too if you check them out!


1. Can I stay near the gardens in Tenerife?

Yes! In Costa Adeje, you’ll find Apartamentos Tinerfe Garden. They offer studios and apartments with a sofa bed, satellite TV, and a private bathroom. Plus, there’s an outdoor pool and sun terrace for relaxing.

2. What else can I do around Tinerfe Garden?

Well…you’re in luck! Aqualand Water Park and Siam Park are super close for fun days out. Also, San Eugenio Shopping Centre is nearby for shopping sprees.

3. Is it easy to get around from Tinerfe Garden?

Absolutely! Car hire services are available if you want to explore more of Tenerife on your own terms. And yes, there’s private parking too – though it might be paid parking.

4. Are there any places to eat at Tinerfe Garden?

You bet! There’s a snack bar for quick bites and Restaurante Pizzeria Tinerfe Garden when you crave something more filling… or just really want pizza.

5. What facilities does Tinerfe Garden have?

They’ve got lots covered – like internet access so you can stay connected, luggage storage for your convenience, and even a currency exchange spot… Oh! And let’s not forget the pool bar!

6. How about leisure activities at the garden apartments?

For sure! You can lounge on sun loungers by the pool or play table tennis if you’re feeling active… It’s all about having a good time here.