Things to do gran canaria

Things to do Gran Canaria

Written by Ava

Planning a trip often has one rummaging through their thoughts, pondering, “What on earth is there to indulge in?” Believe me, I’ve trodden that path of uncertainty myself. After immersing into a bit of research, it became clear that Gran Canaria isn’t just an island; it’s a treasure trove brimming with activities and sights galore.

This blog post intends to be your compass through the must-see attractions and exhilarating escapades that await you on this vivacious isle. It’s time to get your excitement bubbling!


Main Things to do Gran Canaria

  • Gran Canaria offers a wide range of activities like hiking Roque Nublo, camel rides in Dunas de Maspalomas, and exploring underwater life with a submarine tour in Mogán.
  • There are beautiful beaches to relax on such as Las Canteras Beach and Maspalomas. You can also enjoy water sports or just sunbathe.
  • The island has unique attractions like Puerto de Mogán with its boat tours and colorful buildings, plus the Botanic Garden showcasing rare plants.
  • Adventure lovers can try scuba diving for beginners, go on a dolphin and whale safari, or explore the landscape with guided buggy tours.
  • Gran Canaria is not just about natural beauty; cities like Las Palmas offer vibrant nightlife and cultural experiences, while Teror showcases traditional Canarian architecture.

What to do on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria’s attractions? Oh, they’re like a box of chocolates – full of surprises! From the majestic Roque Nublo to the golden sands of Maspalomas, each spot is a story waiting to be told..

So, grab your hat and sunscreen – adventure calls!


Roque Nublo, Tejeda

I set off to explore Roque Nublo, a massive rock that towers above the land in Tejeda. Standing there, I felt tiny against its grandeur. This place isn’t just about size though; it’s wrapped in history and culture.

The locals told me stories of its past, making the rock more than just a sight to see.

In Tejeda, charm oozes from every corner. The village with its traditional Canarian architecture took my breath away. It was like stepping into a postcard! From here, the views are unbeatable – nature spreads out in all directions, inviting you to relax or embark on an adventure amidst its beauty.

Maspalomas Sand Dunes

Dunas de Maspalomas in San Bartolomé de Tirajana grabbed my attention from day one. This place is famous for its breathtaking sand dunes, calm lagoon, and rich nature reserve. My visit here felt like stepping into another world—where golden sands stretch as far as the eye can see beneath a clear blue sky.

Activities? Oh, they’ve got loads! From camel rides that make you feel like a desert explorer to sandboarding down the slopes—it’s an adventure lover’s paradise. And let’s not forget about the Maspalomas beach right next door, offering everything water sports enthusiasts could wish for plus some tranquil spots perfect for sunbathing or reading.

After enjoying the dunes’ natural beauty and having your fill of thrilling activities, parking is easy if you’ve driven yourself here. Plus, there are plenty of spots to grab food or shop around—a nice way to wind down after a day full of excitement.

Next up on this journey? We’re headed towards Puerto de Mogán in Mogán—I hear it’s quite charming with its unique blend of canals and colorful buildings.

Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán in Gran Canaria is a sight to behold. It’s got beautiful beaches where you can let the day slip away under the sun. The vibe here is vibrant, making every moment feel like a celebration.

They’ve got boat tours that show off the coast and water sports for those feeling adventurous. Fancy exploring underwater? The 40-minute Submarine Tour lets you see wonders beneath the waves without getting your feet wet.

Afternoons are perfect for snorkelling or setting sail on a private charter to catch that golden sunset. Hungry? This place dazzles with tapas and drinks, offering tours that introduce you to local flavours and shopping spots.

Sunset cruises and catamaran tours wrap up the days beautifully, leaving you wanting more of Puerto de Mogán’s coastal charm.

Next up, let’s hit Las Canteras Beach..

Las Canteras Beach is absolutely stunning, truly it’s one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve even seen.

Las Canteras Beach is a gem in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I found myself walking on its soft sands, feeling the warm sun on my skin. The beach bustles with life; families and couples fill the air with laughter.

It’s not just about lying under the sun, though. The ocean calls for adventure – from dolphin and whale watching cruises to snorkeling quests, there’s no end to fun water activities.

After working up an appetite in the sea, I explored nearby bars and restaurants. They serve everything from local dishes to fresh seafood – a real treat for any food lover! This beach easily became one of my favorite spots on the island, offering both relaxation and excitement.

Next up, let’s talk about something equally exciting but more serene – Botanic Garden in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

After soaking up the sun on Las Canteras Beach, I headed to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. This place is a must-visit for anyone who loves the night life. The streets come alive with bars, clubs, and entertainment spots where you can dance till dawn or just enjoy some live music with friends.

The city isn’t all about parties though. You can jump on a boat tour in the daytime or try out different water sports if you’re feeling adventurous. And oh, the food here? Pure bliss! From fresh seafood to tasty local dishes and even international cuisine, there’s something for every palate.

Getting around is a breeze too—with taxis, buses, and ferries ready to take you anywhere you want to go on this beautiful island.

Botanic Garden

Moving from the bustling streets of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, I found myself in a place of peace and beauty – the Botanic Garden. Founded in 1952 by Eric Ragnor Sventenius, this garden is a true gem.

It’s not just any garden; it showcases Macaronesian flora, making it a unique spot for nature lovers like me. Nestled in Tafira, close to the capital, its location couldn’t be more perfect.

The Botanic Garden adds so much natural beauty to Gran Canaria. Walking through it felt like stepping into another world – one where time slows down and nature takes centre stage. It’s fascinating to see plants that you won’t find anywhere else.

Plus, being so close to the city but surrounded by such tranqu

Red Canyon Tour

I took the Red Canyon Tour, and it was unforgettable. You get to explore Gran Canaria’s natural wonders up close. The guides know so much about the canyon’s history, geology, and ecology.

They share stories that make the rocks and plants come alive with history.

During this tour, we did a bit of everything – hiking through breathtaking landscapes, tasting local products, and just soaking in those incredible views of the Red Canyon. It wasn’t just a sightseeing trip; it felt like I was connecting deeply with the culture and environment of Gran Canaria.

Trust me, you’ll take home memories that last a lifetime from this experience. Plus, who doesn’t love a day filled with adventure and learning something new?


Dolphin and Whale Safari

Seeing dolphins and whales up close is a dream come true in Gran Canaria. The island gives me this amazing chance to hop on a boat and set sail into the ocean. I get to watch these wonderful creatures as they jump and play in their natural home.


Beginners Scuba Diving Experience

I jumped at the chance to try beginners scuba diving in Gran Canaria, and boy, was it an adventure. Gran Canaria offers thrilling activities for everyone, even if you can’t swim like a fish.

The crystal-clear waters invite you with open arms. With experts guiding me every step of the way, I felt safe and looked after. They showed me how to use the gear and breathe underwater.

Submarine Tour in Mogán

40 minute tour

Going on the 40-minute submarine tour in Mogán was like stepping into a different world. The underwater adventure showed me Gran Canaria’s sea life up close. With the comfort and safety of the submarine, it felt like an underwater cinema, but real.

This trip fits everyone – families, couples, solo explorers – no one is left out.

The tour costs £30 for each adult and comes with 154 audio guides. These guides shared cool facts about what we were seeing. It’s a popular pick among tourists wanting to spice up their visit to Gran Canaria.

Seeing fishes swim past and learning about the ocean floor made my day truly magic.


After exploring the depths with a submarine tour in Mogán, it’s time to splash into some fun at Aqualand. This water park is a blast for everyone, whether you love swimming or just want to dip your toes in. It’s full of exciting slides and pools that are perfect for all ages. You’ll find rides that thrill and chill, making it an ideal spot for families looking to have a good time together.

Aqualand isn’t just any water park; it offers unique experiences you won’t find anywhere else on Gran Canaria island. They’ve got everything from adrenaline-pumping rides for the brave at heart to gentle waves for those who prefer a calmer adventure.

Spending a day here means creating memories that last long after you’ve dried off. So grab your swimsuit and get ready to dive into the action.

Camel Rides

Leaving the splashy fun of Aqualand behind, riding camels in Gran Canaria offers a unique shift from water to desert-like landscapes. I got onto one of those gentle giants for an adventure that felt like stepping back in time or into a movie set! The ride took us through Maspalomas dunes, and it was nothing short of magical.

I couldn’t help but laugh at first; sitting high up on a camel is not something I do every day! They led us on a path where we saw breathtaking views of the island – something you won’t forget.

Besides, there’s this cool vibe about connecting with such majestic creatures. It adds an extra layer to the holiday stories you’ll tell back home. Trust me, if you’re looking for something different than just beach days and shopping trips..

Guided Buggy Tours

I must say, hitting the rugged trails of Gran Canaria in a buggy is one of those things you have to try. Guided buggy tours offer an exciting way to explore this beautiful island’s landscapes.

The best part? These tours are perfect for everyone, including people who aren’t too confident about swimming. So, there’s no need to worry if water isn’t your best friend; you’ll stay dry but thrilled on these adventures.

Now, picture racing across dusty paths and feeling the wind whip through your hair as you discover hidden parts of Gran Canaria that many miss out on. With a guide leading the way, I learned so much about the island’s environment and history without having to bury my nose in a book or screen. It’s such a fun mix of adrenaline and learning—not something you get every day!

Popular Cities in Gran Canaria

I hope you enjoyed our list of Things to do Gran Canaria.  Here are few more to add to the list Fancy a stroll on sun-kissed streets or a taste of local life? The island’s towns have got you covered!


Mogán is simply fantastic if you’re after sun, sea, and a bit of adventure. This place is a paradise for beach lovers with stunning coastlines that are a dream come true. You’ll find plenty to do here from boat tours that show off the beauty of the coastline to water sports for those feeling more adventurous.

And when the sun sets, Mogán lights up with its vibrant nightlife scene.

Looking for good food? You won’t be disappointed in Mogán. The city serves up an impressive variety of dining experiences that cater to every taste bud. Whether it’s local Canary cuisine or international dishes you’re after, you’ll find something to love here.

Plus, there are so many types of accommodation available – from cosy bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels – making sure everyone finds their perfect spot to stay. Really, it’s got something for everyone; whether you’re into chilling by the beach or exploring city streets at night!


I found myself wandering through Teror, a gem tucked away in Gran Canaria. This city charms visitors with its Basilica of Our Lady of the Pine and colourful traditional Canarian houses.

Strolling down the streets, I was struck by how each balcony seemed to tell its own story, painted in vibrant hues and adorned with flowers.

Every Sunday, Teror transforms into a bustling hub with its famous market. Local crafts, foods, and souvenirs spill out from stalls, offering a taste of Canarian culture that’s hard to resist.

Beyond the market buzz, serene natural landscapes beckon for outdoor adventures like hiking. It’s clear why this place captures the hearts of those who visit.

Las Palmas

I’m telling ya, Las Palmas is a gem for anyone who loves sunny beaches and fun nights. The place packs beautiful shores where you can chill or catch some waves. And if you’re into exploring, there are ancient ruins waiting to tell their tales.

After sunset, the city doesn’t sleep; bars and clubs light up the night with music and dance. Getting around is easy peasy – buses, taxis, ferries; pick what suits you best.

This city has something for every mood – whether it’s adventure on wildlife tours or soaking in history at architectural marvels. Next up on our list? We’re diving into the vibrant Botanic Garden in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

San Bartolomé de Tirajana

San Bartolomé de Tirajana is a sight to behold with its stunning beaches, such as Playa de Maspalomas, and diverse landscapes. It’s a paradise for those who love the outdoors. You can try water sports, go hiking or even horseback riding – talk about having options! And let’s not forget Palmitos Park and Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas.

These places are gems for nature lovers.

Exploring this part of Gran Canaria feels like stepping into another world Sometimes, I’d just stroll along the maspalomas sand dunes; it’s quite the experience. The shifting sands make you feel like you’re in a vast desert yet the ocean is right there! It’s this mix that makes San Bartolomé de Tirajana stand out – beautiful shorelines meet incredible natural reserves here.

What is Your Favourite Canary Island?


Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, oh what a place! It’s like Tenerife’s sibling but with its own unique charm. I found myself exploring stunning beaches that seemed to stretch on forever. The dunes of Maspalomas felt like stepping onto another planet, with golden sands as far as the eye could see.

Culture vultures, listen up! The capital city, Las Palmas, is a treasure trove brimming with history and life. From the cobbled streets of Vegueta to the buzz around Playa de Las Canteras, every corner has a story.  Trust me; Gran Canaria is not just another stopover – it’s an adventure all by itself.


Tenerife lights up the night with its buzzing bars, clubs, and eateries. It’s a place where music echoes into the early hours, making every evening an adventure. For those after something a bit calmer, there are beautiful beaches to relax on and stunning landscapes that look like they’re straight out of a painting.

During the day, Tenerife doesn’t slow down. You can explore Teide National Park or splash around in Siam Park. Want more? How about boat trips that let you spy on dolphins or scuba diving to meet underwater creatures? And if you visit during Christmas or New Year’s, get ready for extra fun with special shows and activities that bring everyone together.


So, I’ve got to tell you about Fuerteventura. This place is a treasure on its own, famed for its unique architecture that’s caught the eye of UNESCO. Imagine wandering through streets lined with buildings that tell stories from ages past—pretty cool, right? It’s like stepping into a different era where every corner and cobblestone has something new to whisper to you.

And here’s a little secret between us; it’s not just about the buildings. The vibe of this island is something else. You’re walking where history left its mark, surrounded by landscapes that seem almost too beautiful to be real. Trust me, your Instagram won’t know what hit it! So why not add Fuerteventura to your travel list? Maybe we’ll bump into each other there.


After exploring Fuerteventura, I couldn’t wait to see what Lanzarote had in store. Guess what? This island blew my mind with its unique architecture – thanks, UNESCO! Lanzarote’s soil isn’t just any dirt; it’s volcanic magic that makes wine taste heavenly.

Now, hiking is not always my thing but the trails here? Absolutely worth every step for the views alone.

Whale-watching turned out to be an unexpected highlight of my trip. Different seasons bring different whales closer to Lanzarote’s shores. Picture me on a boat, eyes wide open, spotting these majestic creatures in their natural habitat – unforgettable! So yeah, saying goodbye to this island wasn’t easy at all.

La Graciosa

I’ve got to tell you about La Graciosa, a little gem just north of Lanzarote. This place is part of the Chinijo Archipelago and it’s nothing short of magical with its stunning beaches, clear waters, and unique volcanic landscapes.

Getting there is easy peasy – a quick ferry ride from Lanzarote.

Now, if you’re like me and love finding spots where you can just relax without bumping into too many people, La Graciosa is your go-to island. It offers this tranquil vibe that’s hard to find these days. Imagine walking on soft sands or swimming in crystal-clear water without the usual crowd. Plus, exploring those volcanic landscapes makes you feel like an adventurer discovering uncharted territories! 

La Gomera

After soaking up the charms of La Graciosa, it’s time to whisk ourselves over to another gem in the Canaries – La Gomera. This island is a paradise for those who love nature and adventure.

Its unique landscapes and ancient forests almost make you feel like you’ve stepped into another world. The Garajonay National Park, with its misty paths and lush greenery, whispers secrets of an olden age.

Exploring this mystical island reveals more than just stunning views; it offers a deep dive into a culture preserved through centuries. From the enchanting whistled language known as “El Silbo” to quaint villages that dot the landscape, every corner tells a story.

The local food will delight your taste buds too – fresh fish and palm honey are must-tries here. Trust me, La Gomera isn’t just a place you visit; it’s an experience that stays with you long after you’ve left its shores.

La Palma

Moving on from the lush La Gomera, we jump over to La Palma. This is another gem in the Canary Islands you can’t miss. I found that hopping on a ferry or catching a short flight from Tenerife gets you there quite easily.

Once there, the choices for where to stay are plenty – hotels, resorts, cosy holiday rentals, and guesthouses all ready to welcome you.

La Palma blew me away with its local food scene – think fresh seafood and unique dishes that have their own story. It’s not just about eating; it’s an experience! And if you’re like me, loving nature and animals, this island has got you covered.

There are spots where you can marvel at diverse plants and creatures all day long. Plus, I soaked up some culture by checking out historic sites and museums – each telling tales of La Palma’s rich past. So yes, adding La Palma to your Tenerife trip? Absolutely worth it 

El Hiero

So, after soaking up the magic of La Palma, it’s time to talk about El Hierro. This little gem in the Canary Islands is a haven for those who love peace and untouched nature. You can hop on a ferry from Tenerife to get here.

It feels like stepping into another world—a place that moves at its own slow pace.

El Hierro is big on keeping things green and clean. They’re all about renewable energy and keeping their island beautiful and healthy. If you’re someone who loves exploring nature without crowds, this is your spot.

Imagine walking through forests and along coastlines where it’s just you, the birds, and maybe a few curious lizards. The air here smells like freedom—with a hint of salt from the sea.

And let’s not forget the adventures waiting for you under water; diving here feels like discovering a secret world full of colour.