Hunting for the perfect beach escape can feel like a daunting task. You’re on the lookout for somewhere with jaw-dropping views, a dash of adventure, and quiet corners for unwinding.

I know that feeling all too well—wading through endless options until you hit upon that one place that ticks all the boxes. For me, that discovery was Maspalomas Beach and its awe-inspiring sand dunes on Gran Canaria Island.

Maspalomas stands out from your typical beach getaway; it’s where natural splendor meets exciting escapades. Protected as a Nature Reserve since 1987, it champions an eco-conscious approach to exploring.

Picture yourself meandering along trails amidst sprawling dunes sculpted by the breeze or quietly observing elusive birds near the lagoon… This guide is your ticket to everything Maspalomas has in store—from camel treks over its desert-like sands to serene days spent by Playa de Maspalomas‘ gentle waves.

Are you up for an unforgettable journey?

Key Takeaways

  • Maspalomas Beach and its sand dunes are a protected Nature Reserve since 1987, making it a unique place where nature is preserved. Visitors can explore the area by following marked trails to protect the shifting dunes.
  • The Maspalomas Lighthouse, dating back to 1890, and Playa de Maspalomas beach offer historical sights and relaxing spots for visitors. Nearby attractions like La Charca lagoon attract bird watchers.
  • Activities such as camel rides provide an adventurous way to see the dunes. There are various accommodation options nearby for different budgets, from simple stays to luxury resorts.
  • Tours like dolphin watching cruises and luxury catamaran trips add extra excitement with opportunities to see marine life up close.
  • Public transportation makes it easy to get to Maspalomas from major locations on Gran Canaria Island. Nudism is accepted at specific parts of Maspalomas Beach, catering to those who prefer freedom while enjoying the sun and sea.

The Maspalomas Beach and Sand Dunes

A lone figure walks across the Maspalomas Beach and Sand Dunes.

Maspalomas Beach and its huge piles of sand are amazing. They are a big, open space where the sand moves and changes shape all the time.

Protected Nature Reserve since 1987

In 1987, the Maspalomas Dunes got special status. They said, “This place is too special to change.” So they made it a protected Nature Reserve. This means no one can build here or mess with the land.

It’s about keeping it just as nature made it.

I walked there last summer and felt like I was in another world. The dunes spread out over 400 hectares—that’s huge! Seeing them, you understand why they need protection. You get these wide-open views of sand that look like deserts from far-off lands, right next to the ocean.

It’s a mix of scenes you don’t see together anywhere else.

Formation and movement of the dunes

I learned something cool about the Maspalomas Beach and its dunes. They started forming during the last ice age. This means they’ve been around for a really long time, changing and moving.

The dunes shift from east to west every year by 2 to 5 meters. It’s like they’re slowly walking across the island.

The way these dunes move is fascinating. Wind picks up sand from one side and drops it on the other, making them travel across Gran Canaria‘s landscape bit by bit. Living near such an amazing place makes me appreciate nature’s wonders even more.

Seeing these giant piles of sand glide through time feels magical.

Regulations for walking on the dunes

So, after seeing how the dunes change and move, it’s key to know how we can walk on them in a way that keeps them safe. Here are the rules I followed during my visit:

  1. Stick to marked paths: There are 8 km of trails set for walking. This keeps both us and the dunes safe. I made sure to stay on these paths at all times.
  2. Respect the environment: It’s not just about where you walk but also how you treat the area. I took care not to leave any trash behind and avoided picking plants or disturbing wildlife.
  3. Follow signs and guidelines: Throughout Maspalomas, there are signs that help guide visitors. They tell you where you can go and what areas are off-limits. I found it easy to follow these instructions.
  4. Watch your step: The sand can be quite hot, and the wind can shift suddenly. I wore comfortable shoes and was always aware of my surroundings to avoid getting lost or hurt.
  5. Photography with caution: While it’s tempting to snap photos everywhere, certain areas are sensitive, and privacy is important too, especially in nudist sections of the beach adjacent to the dunes.

Visiting the Maspalomas Dunes was an adventure that showed me the beauty of nature when it’s well cared for by people who visit. Each step on those marked trails felt like a small contribution to preserving this stunning place for future visitors.

Attractions in the Area

Around Maspalomas, you’ll find more than just sand and sea. There’s a tall structure that lights up the night, standing guard by the ocean for years. Then there’s the beach itself, where the water meets golden sands stretching far into the distance.

Nearby, a body of water teems with life, creating a serene spot away from the ocean’s waves. Each spot has its own story, inviting you to explore and make memories in this beautiful part of Gran Canaria.

Maspalomas Lighthouse

I visited the Maspalomas Lighthouse, and it was a highlight of my trip. Standing tall at the southern tip of Gran Canaria, this lighthouse isn’t just a beacon for ships; it’s also a magnet for tourists like me looking for that perfect blend of history and scenery.

Built in 1890, its timeless structure has seen the island transform around it. Close to the dunes and beaches, it offers an awesome spot to watch the sunset.

The lighthouse guards the sea, but invites adventure on land.

Walking around Faro de Maspalomas gave me a sense of place here at Costa Canaria. The area around is bustling with cafes and shops – making it easy to grab an ice cream or coffee before strolling along Playa de Maspalomas beach nearby.

Its proximity to these popular spots means you’re never far from dipping your toes in water or climbing dunes after marveling at its beauty.

Playa de Maspalomas beach

Playa de Maspalomas beach is a stunning place I always find joy in visiting. This beach stretches for nearly 2,700 meters and its golden sand feels soft underfoot. The wide stretch of 75 meters makes it perfect for long walks or finding a quiet spot to relax.

Its beauty catches the eye of anyone who loves the ocean.

The area around Playa de Maspalomas is fascinating too, with the famous dunes nearby. Walking here feels like stepping into another world, where nature shows off its power to shape landscapes.

Each visit brings something new, as the dunes shift and change with time. It’s a special place on Gran Canaria that connects you with nature’s endless wonders.

Maspalomas Lagoon

I visited Maspalomas Lagoon, also known to locals as La Charca. This place is a hidden gem right near the beach. It’s amazing because it attracts many migrating birds. I felt lucky to see them up close.

Walking around the lagoon was peaceful. The sound of birds and the view made me forget I was near a busy beach area. This spot is special for nature lovers. Seeing the birds find their way here on their long journeys was unforgettable.

Accessibility and Transportation

Getting to Maspalomas Beach and its amazing sand dunes is easy, whether you’re coming from nearby towns or right from Gran Canaria Airport. You can drive there, catch a bus, or even walk if you’re close enough.

This makes your trip smooth and lets you focus on the fun ahead! Want to learn more? Keep reading for great tips on making the most of your visit.

Access from Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles

I found getting to Maspalomas Beach and the sand dunes super easy from both Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. You can walk if you’re up for it since things are pretty close. I enjoyed a nice stroll from my hotel in Playa del Ingles right to the dunes—it took me less than half an hour, and the views on the way were worth every step.

For those who prefer not walking as much, driving is also a breeze. There’s plenty of parking around, and it never took me more than 10 minutes to get there by car.

For folks who don’t drive, buses run regularly between these spots. I hopped on one when my feet needed a break from all the walking and sand-surfing adventures at the dunes. The bus ride was short and cheap—a cool way to zip around without any fuss.

Every journey here feels like part of the adventure—whether I’m walking with sand between my toes or catching a quick bus ride.

Driving distances and bus lines

Getting around Maspalomas Beach and its stunning sand dunes is easy. The place has great bus services and a nearby station that makes trips quick.

Let me share some tips on driving distances and bus routes:

  1. Maspalomas to Playa del Inglés: It’s just a 10-minute drive. Buses run often, making stops at lots of hotels.
  2. From Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Maspalomas: This trip takes about an hour by car. The direct bus line gets you there in roughly the same time.
  3. To the Maspalomas Lighthouse: Driving from the center of Maspalomas takes less than 10 minutes. You can also walk along the beach if you’re up for a scenic stroll.
  4. Getting to San Bartolomé de Tirajana from Maspalomas: Expect a drive of about 20 minutes. Bus services are available but will take a bit longer due to stops.
  5. If you’re aiming for Aqualand or Palmitos Park, set aside about 15-20 minutes driving from central Maspalomas.

These buses have air conditioning, which is a relief in the warm Canary Islands weather. Plus, they’re quite affordable.

The main station in Maspalomas is your go-to spot for all bus lines heading to these attractions or nearby beaches.

Don’t worry about getting lost; locals are friendly and often help tourists find their way. And the signs at the station make it easy to figure out your route.

So grab your map, or just hop on a bus, and start exploring!

Popular Activities

Riding camels across the sand hills is a fun thing to do here. Find out more about what you can do in this sunny spot!

Camel rides at the dunes

I got to ride camels at the Maspalomas dunes! The journey starts from the east side and goes all the way to the lagoon. It’s a smart way to avoid walking on the really hot sand. Camels are gentle animals, and this trip made me feel like I was part of an adventure in an exotic place.

You sit high up, swaying with each step they take. This is something you don’t get to do every day.

Riding a camel across these shifting sands felt magical, weaving through a landscape that seemed timeless.

The guides were super friendly and knew lots about camels. They shared stories that made the experience even richer. Plus, seeing Maspalomas from this angle offered views I wouldn’t have gotten any other way.

Visitor Preferences and Accommodation Options

People love the dunes and beach at Maspalomas. They can stay in many places nearby, from cozy bed-and-breakfasts to big resorts.

Preference for the dunes and beach

I love spending time at the dunes and beach in Maspalomas. Many visitors come back here year after year. They say it’s because of the unique beauty and calm that this place offers.

I see families, couples, and friends enjoying the sun and sand together. It feels like a big community of beach lovers.

The dunes give you a sense of being far away from everything else. It’s quiet except for the sound of the wind and occasional laughter from someone sliding down a sand hill. You can find me walking barefoot on these warm sands or just sitting, watching the sea meet the sky at sunset.

Next up, let’s talk about where to stay when we visit this beautiful spot…

Accommodation options in the area

So, you’re drawn to the dunes and beach. Now, let’s talk about where you can stay. Finding the right spot makes your visit perfect.

This area has spots for everyone, from budget stays to luxury resorts. Here’s a look at what I found:

  1. Monte Feliz: This is a great choice if you’re watching your spending but still want comfort. It’s not too far from the beach and has all you need.
  2. Hotel Cordial Mogán Playa: It’s like stepping into a postcard. The rooms are big, and it feels peaceful here, with lots of flowers around.
  3. Radisson Blu Resort & Spa: For those who love pampering themselves, this place is heaven. The spa is top-notch and the sea view? Unbeatable.
  4. Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort & Spa: This place stands out because of its lagoon-style pools and garden space. It’s also very close to Maspalomas Beach. Plus, the restaurants serve delicious meals.

For me, staying at Radisson Blu was an experience I won’t forget soon. Waking up to that sea view made every penny worth it. Plus, having a spa in the same building was a dream after long walks on the dunes.

Each option offers something unique — whether it’s being wallet-friendly or offering luxurious comforts. So, pick what suits you best and enjoy your stay by Maspalomas Beach!

Best Tours and Excursions

Finding the perfect tour or trip near Maspalomas can make your visit unforgettable. You’ll discover options like seeing dolphins on a boat ride or relaxing on a big sailboat.

Dolphin Watching Cruise

I took a dolphin watching cruise that left from Puerto Rico. This trip was all about seeing marine life up close. We went out on the water, eyes peeled for dolphins playing in the waves.

Seeing them jump and splash was a highlight of my visit to Maspalomas Beach in Gran Canaria.

Next up, let’s talk about what it’s like to sail on a luxury catamaran

Luxury Catamaran Cruise

I recently went on a luxury catamaran cruise, and it was an experience I’ll never forget. This half-day adventure included everything from meals to all sorts of amenities you could think of.

The boat itself was huge and comfortable, giving us plenty of room to relax and soak in the views of Maspalomas Beach Gran Canaria and the vast ocean.

As we sailed away from the coast, the crew treated us like royalty. They served delicious food that made my taste buds dance with joy. Being out on the water felt magical, especially with the sun setting in the distance.

It’s not every day you get to enjoy such luxury while floating on a piece of art through crystal-clear waters. This trip was one for the books – lounging on deck, feeling the gentle sea breeze, and watching dolphins play in the wake of our boat made me feel so alive and grateful.

FAQs about Maspalomas Dunes and Playa de Maspalomas

Got questions about Maspalomas Dunes and Playa de Maspalomas? No worries! People often ask how to get there and if it’s okay to be nude on the beach. We’ve got all the answers for you right here, so keep reading!

Directions to the sand dunes

Getting to the sand dunes is easy. They’re close to Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles. I just walked from my hotel or caught a bus. The dunes are right by major local transit points, so it’s simple for anyone visiting.

I found that buses drop you off nearby, and there are signs pointing you in the right direction. Whether I chose to walk or ride, getting there felt like part of the adventure. Plus, being so accessible made planning my day smoother.

Nudism on Maspalomas beach

Maspalomas Beach is a special place for many reasons, and one of them is its welcoming attitude towards naturists. This area has a designated spot for nudism, making it a popular choice for visitors who prefer to enjoy the sun and sand with no barriers at all.

The beach’s clear waters and golden sands offer the perfect backdrop for those seeking freedom and natural beauty.

I love how Maspalomas respects everyone’s choices. Whether you’re here to soak up the sun in your swimsuit or without, this beach has room for all. It’s amazing how such an open-minded approach brings people from all walks of life together.

The Canary Islands, including this beautiful spot in San Bartolome de Tirajana, are known for their laid-back vibe, and Maspalomas Beach stands out as a shining example of that culture.


Exploring this stunning spot by the ocean, I found that the Maspalomas sand hills and beach have so much to offer. These big mounds of sand are special because they are protected. We must stick to marked paths to walk on them.

Near the hills, there’s a lighthouse with shops and places to eat, making it perfect for visitors. The nearby shore is great for playing in calm water or relaxing under the sun – even for those who prefer no clothes! For bird lovers, La Charca is a treat with many birds stopping by.

Getting there is easy whether you’re driving or taking a bus from nearby towns. And once you’re there, riding camels over these sandy waves is something you can’t miss out on. There are lots of beds and rooms close by if you wish to stay longer.

For adventures out at sea, watching dolphins or sailing on a big catamaran while eating good food could be highlights of your trip. If you’ve got questions like how to get here or about enjoying the beach in your birthday suit—don’t worry; all are welcome here!

I loved every moment of my visit – from feeling tiny next to huge dunes to spotting dolphins leap through waves. This place reminded me what adventure feels like, and I left dreaming about when I would return.


1. What’s so special about Maspalomas Beach?

Maspalomas Beach is famous for its vast dune fields, beautiful beach bars, and the chance to visit naturist areas. It’s a unique spot in the Canaries where you can enjoy sun, sand, and sea.

2. Can I find a place to stay near Maspalomas Beach?

Yes! There are many beachfront hotels and resorts around Maspalomas. You’ll find options ranging from luxurious beach clubs to cozy accommodations close to the sand dunes.

3. Is there anything else to do at Maspalomas besides enjoying the beach?

Absolutely! Besides lounging on the beach or exploring the dunas de Maspalomas, you can dine at fabulous restaurants with ocean views or check out local shops and bars for some fun times.

4. How’s the weather usually at Maspalomas Beach?

The weather here is sunny most of the year, making it perfect for a visit anytime you wish. Whether it’s summer or winter, you’ll likely enjoy warm days ideal for beach outings.

5. Are there any other beaches nearby worth visiting?

Sure thing! If you love exploring, consider visiting nearby spots like San Agustin or venture further to explore Fuerteventura’s Corralejo or Tenerife’s Tejeda in the province of Las Palmas for more adventure.