My Undersea Adventure in Gran Canaria

For my week-long holiday to the Spanish island of Gran Canaria, I was just expecting to soak up some sun and relax on the beach. Little did I know that I would end up exploring the depths of the Atlantic Ocean on an unforgettable submarine excursion.

After spending my first few days lounging by the pool at my resort in the south of the island, I decided it was time for an adventure. I had heard about the famous Submarine Tour that departs from the picturesque village of Mogán, often referred to as the “Venice of Gran Canaria” for its charming canals and bridges.

Early one morning, I hopped on a bus from my resort headed to Mogán. As I walked through the streets, I could feel the warm Canarian sun on my skin and smell the fresh sea air. The small port area was bustling with tourists excitedly lining up to board the yellow submarine vessel.

Once on board and submerged, I was amazed at the crystal clear views through the large panoramic windows. Schools of colorful fish swam mere feet away as the submarine descended to depths of up to 28 meters.

An experienced marine biologist guide provided commentary through the sub’s sound system, pointing out different species of fish, coral, and other underwater wonders. I saw parrotfish, trumpetfish, amberjacks, and even a large, friendly-looking stingray gliding along the seafloor.

It was such a surreal experience being able to observe this vibrant underwater world up close without even getting wet. The hourlong tour flew by in what felt like minutes.

As the submarine resurfaced, I had a big smile on my face knowing I had just checked off one of the top experiences in Gran Canaria from my bucket list. While sipping a cold beverage back on land, I recounted the magical memories I had made, submerged in the blue waters off the coast of Mogán.

My submarine adventure was definitely the highlight of my Gran Canaria trip. From now on, whenever I dream of being a tourist in paradise, visions of tropical fish and coral gardens will most certainly fill my mind.