Planning your next vacation can be a challenge, and I totally get it. It’s the craving for something unique that often leaves us stumped. But then, I stumbled upon a gem – camel rides in Gran Canaria.

Last week alone, these adventures were booked over 100 times! This article is your guide to the finest camel exploits on the island, from mesmerizing dune escapades to exhilarating safari journeys.

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s embark on this adventure together!

Main points

  • Camel rides in Gran Canaria let you explore places like the Maspalomas Dunes and Safari Park, offering unique views and experiences.
  • Tours are available for all ages, with prices starting at $16.47 per adult for a memorable 30 – minute adventure.
  • You can choose from different camel rides, including beach tours close to sea creatures or journeys through sandy landscapes, each providing a special way to see the island’s beauty.
  • Extras like food, drinks, and even E – Scooter Chopper tours can be added to make your camel ride experience even more enjoyable.
  • The camels are gentle animals, making these rides comfortable and accessible for families and groups of friends looking for an exciting outdoor activity in Gran Canaria.

Overview of Camel Rides in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria offers exciting camel rides, a must-do for anyone visiting. From the beautiful sand hills of Maspalomas to the unique Safari Park adventures, there’s a ride for everyone.

Maspalomas Camel Riding Tours

I got to try the Maspalomas Camel Riding Tours and wow, what an adventure! This tour takes you on a camel’s back through the big, sandy Maspalomas Dunes. Imagine sitting high up on a gentle giant, moving slowly across a desert-like landscape right here in Gran Canaria.

The price? Just $16.47 for each grown-up. They can take up to 70 people in one group, making it perfect for families or friends.

The views are stunning – think endless sands with the ocean in the distance. I learned so much from our professional guide; these tours get booked fast — over 100 times last week alone! And yesterday? Nineteen more bookings came through.

People love this experience, and I see why – my trip had comfort (they really think about your weight to make sure both you and the camel are okay), history, and nature all wrapped into one exciting ride.

Plus, a mobile ticket meant easy access; no fuss there. With great reviews ranking it at 4 out of 5 bubbles based on 262 opinions, it’s clear I’m not the only one who thought riding camels through Charca de Maspalomas was something special.

Camel Safari Park Rides

My adventure to the Camel Safari Park in Gran Canaria was one to write home about. This park offers something beyond just a ride; it’s an immersion into nature and wildlife tours that you won’t find anywhere else on the Canary Islands.

The camels, with their gentle eyes and steady pace, carried me through stunning landscapes. It felt like stepping into a storybook where every turn on the path unveiled new wonders of San Bartolome de Tirajana.

The guides at the Camel Safari Park are experts not just in leading these majestic animals but also in sharing stories and facts about the area’s culture and heritage. They made sure everyone felt comfortable, respecting both comfort and weight restrictions for safety.

What stood out was how they managed groups, ensuring personal attention despite the maximum size being quite large.

Moving from this enchanting experience, my next stop was another unique outdoor activity—something I had been looking forward to even before landing on this island paradise.

Camel Ride in Fataga

I took a camel ride in Fataga, and let me tell you, it’s something special. This tour isn’t just any ride; it comes with tapas and drinks, making it a feast for the senses. We explored beautiful paths, seeing parts of Gran Canaria I never knew existed.

The camels were gentle giants, making the journey smooth and enjoyable.

Riding a camel through Fataga was like stepping into another world – serene and magical.

The guides shared stories about the area’s history, adding depth to our adventure. We stopped at scenic spots for photos that look straight out of a postcard. Finishing with delicious local snacks was the cherry on top of an already perfect day.

If you’re in Gran Canaria, this experience is a must-do!

Unique Features of Gran Canaria Camel Rides

A caravan of camels walking through the sandy hills of Gran Canaria.

Gran Canaria camel rides are not just any ride. They take you through amazing places like huge, sandy hills and let you see fun animals up close.

Guided Camel Ride in the Maspalomas Sand Dunes

I took a guided camel ride in the Maspalomas Sand Dunes and it was an adventure I’ll always remember. For 30 minutes, I sat on a camel’s back, feeling like I was part of an old desert caravan.

The dunes spread out around me, looking like a vast ocean of sand with waves shaped by the wind. The price? Just $16.47 per adult — totally worth it for such a unique experience.

As we moved through the dunes, our guide shared stories about this special place. Maspalomas isn’t just any beach area; its lighthouse, Faro de Maspalomas, stands tall at one end, guiding ships and adding to the view.

This ride wasn’t just fun; it connected me to Gran Canaria’s outdoor activities and cultural heritage in a way that walking or driving never could. Every bump and sway brought me closer to understanding what makes this island so magical.

Camel Safari with Optional Food & Transport

After exploring the dunes on a camel, I discovered you can add more to this adventure. The Camel Safari in Maspalomas offers not just a ride but also food and transport if you want it.

This means you don’t have to worry about how to get there or what to eat.

I chose the option with food and transport. It was easy. A van picked me up from my hotel and took me straight to the start point of the camel safari in Duna Oasis. After the ride, which lasted around 30 minutes and cost $16.47 per adult, they served us a meal that was quite tasty.

It felt like getting VIP treatment without having to plan anything myself.

The ease of having both transportation and meals taken care of made my experience stress-free.

E-Scooter Chopper 2 seat optional Camel Tour

I tried something new on my trip to Gran Canaria and it was a blast! They offer this cool E-Scooter Chopper tour where you can ride with someone else if you want. It’s an amazing way to see the sights without getting too tired.

This isn’t just any scooter ride; it feels like you’re cruising on a mini motorcycle, but easier to handle. I saw places I wouldn’t have found on foot or by camel.

The best part? You get the fun of scooting around and then, if you choose, hop on a camel for part of your adventure. It blends modern thrill with traditional travel in a unique twist that left me smiling all day.

The balance between zooming through pathways on an E-Scooter and slowing down atop a camel gave me two completely different views of the landscape—both breathtaking.

Now, let’s talk about Maspalomas Camel Riding Tours…

Comparing Top Camel Rides in Gran Canaria

Choosing between the amazing camel rides in Gran Canaria is tough. Each ride has its own special twist. Some take you close to the sea, where dolphins and whales play. Others let you explore the sandy hills of Maspalomas.

You might want to read more to find your perfect adventure!

Dolphin and Whale Safari in Gran Canaria

So, I went on this dolphin and whale watching trip in Gran Canaria. Let me tell you, it’s a must-do! The ocean around here is like a playground for these amazing creatures. Picture sailing out into the blue, eyes peeled for that first splash or fin breaking the surface.

Dolphins are playful; they sometimes swim right alongside the boat. And whales? Seeing one of those giants up close is something you won’t forget.

The crew on my tour knew exactly where to go to find them. They shared cool facts about dolphins and whales as we watched, making it educational too. Plus, there’s something special about being out on the water – it feels like an adventure all by itself.

If you’re looking for something unforgettable to do while visiting Gran Canaria, definitely add this safari to your list.

Next up: let’s talk camel rides through Maspalomas Dunes…

Camel Ride through Maspalomas Dunes

I took a camel ride through the Maspalomas Dunes and it was an adventure I’ll always remember. For $16.47, the journey lasted 30 minutes. These dunes felt like a mini-desert right next to the ocean.

The camels gently carried me across this sandy landscape, making it an unforgettable experience. This trip is perfect for anyone visiting Gran Canaria, whether you’re staying in resorts around Lanzarote or Fuerteventura.

The guides knew so much about the area and made sure everyone had a safe and enjoyable time. They even talked about how the place is stroller accessible and service animals are allowed, which means nobody has to miss out on this fun.

Next up, let’s check out what makes these rides truly unique among other activities on the island.


1. Can I ride a camel in Maspalomas Dunes?

Yes, you can! Camel riding in Maspalomas Dunes is a fun way to explore the area. It’s like stepping into another world, right on Gran Canaria.

2. What if I need to cancel my camel ride?

No worries there. Most places have a cancellation policy that lets you cancel before your adventure starts. Just check the details first.

3. Are service animals allowed during the camel rides?

This one’s tricky… While camels are cool with most things, it’s best to ask ahead about service animals. Each place has its own rules.

4. How do people feel about these camel rides?

Folks love them! Trip Advisor and other sites are full of happy stories from places like Bahia Feliz and Las Palmas – not just Tenerife!